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“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”

Given the amount of Spider-Man films (and reboots) we’ve seen for nearly two decades now, we should all be quite familiar with the famous phrase at the center of the comic book hero’s ethos. It is an ethos more people in positions of power could stand to take to heart, and it’s certainly one which should be at the back of most entrepreneurs’ minds.

As an entrepreneur, you have more power and influence than most. You thus have a greater social responsibility to use that power to help others. What’s more, doing so can be a great way to earn yourself and your company positive PR. With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways entrepreneurs can help others.

Donate to Charity

This is probably the most obvious answer, and with good reason. As an entrepreneur, you have more capital than most, and thus have more to give to charity. Dickens has Ebenezer Scrooge refuse to donate to the poor on Christmas Eve before donating a ton of money following his visitation from the Three Spirits in A Christmas Carol. Be like the Reformed Scrooge and donate to charity when possible.

Sponsor Nonprofits

On a related note, you can also sponsor local nonprofits. Not only does this give a boost to a good cause, but it helps improve your reputation in the neighborhood.

Volunteer Work

The same can be said for having your team do volunteer work within the community. Doing volunteer work can give your company a good reputation in the area while simultaneously giving schools, food kitchens, and other areas in need of a hand the assistance they need. What’s more, this volunteer work can make for a great teambuilding exercise.

Write and Speak About Your Success

Everyone likes to be inspired. That’s part of what makes Spider-Man so successful. Giving public speeches or publishing a “How to” book on your path to success can help you help others while raising your profile.

Heed your greater responsibility to others and help out in your community today.