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Background on Scott Fintzy

Located in Glen Rock, New Jersey, Scott Fintzy is a distinguished leader in the realm of human resources. With over two decades’ worth of experience to his name, Scott has continually proven that his strengths lie in talent development, employee relations, team management, strategy, compensation, organizational design, benefits, contract negotiations, and cost management. 

Scott Fintzy received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University in 1996. During his undergraduate career, Scott served as the Human Resource Manager for Student Agencies, Inc., an entrepreneurial firm that held over $1.5 million in revenue across a number of business ventures. By gaining this hands-on experience in conjunction with his education, Scott proved himself to be both trustworthy and hard-working — two traits that he has maintained throughout his years in the workforce. 


Shortly after graduation, Scott Fintzy was offered a position with Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems, where he began his upward climb as a Human Resource Representative. In this capacity, Scott was entrusted with spearheading the General Motors division’s $2 billion college recruiting and EEO process in the United States. By flourishing in this opportunity and his every day responsibilities, Scott received two subsequent promotions — the first to Area Leader and the second to Team Leader of Training and Communication — in two years. 

In the years since he accepted his first full-time position, Scott Fintzy has been afforded the opportunity to expand his expertise in ways he could have never imagined. After his tenure at Delphi Harrison concluded, Scott served as a Senior Human Resources Executive for Pepsi Bottling Company; the Staffing Executive for Robert Half International; the Director of Human Resources, Vice President of Telecom, and Chief of Staff for IDT Corporation; the Vice President of Human Resources for PULSEPOINT (formerly CONTEXTWEB); the Vice President of People and Culture for APPSAVVY; and the Vice President of Human Resources for CLEAR. 


More details about Scott’s career and life

Currently, Scott Fintzy is focusing on providing independent consulting services to major organizations in and around Manhattan. Since October of 2018, Scott has served as the Interim CPO for Quartet Health, as well as the Interim Head of People for Rokt. 

Since the very inception of his professional career, Scott has held tightly to a set of principles — some of which were instilled in him by his parents at a young age, while others were passed along to him from various mentors along the way. These values include honesty, hard work, and kindness. As a result, Scott Fintzy works diligently to incorporate each of the above into his professional and personal lives, thus ensuring he remains consistent in his treatment of others across the board. 

As an expert within the realms of human resources, people management, and people operations, Scott understands the value of remaining agile, flexible, and analytical, especially as it relates to getting work done on a daily basis. However, this same approach is not necessarily appropriate when it comes to managing other people. Therefore, Scott Fintzy works with managers to ensure they are stepping back and getting the whole picture of their employees and their respective performances. After all, there could be extenuating circumstances that are contributing to their communication or work styles, levels of focus, and general attitudes on the day-to-day. In Scott’s experience, so long as organizations are proactive and transparent in their communication, they will be more likely to maintain an engaged workforce that is willing to work through any challenges or hurdles that may come their way. 

On this website, Scott Fintzy will be sharing his insights on business and entrepreneurship. To learn more, be sure to visit his blog page.