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All great teams begin with the recruitment and management of talent. Great sports teams are put together with careful drafting, free-agent acquisitions, and fantastic coaching schemes to bring the team together. The best films, TV shows, and stage plays require bringing together great actors, directors, writers, technical producers, and PR and marketing personnel. Likewise, whatever the nature of their business, an entrepreneur is only as great as the talent they can recruit, train, and inspire to help them achieve their vision.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few tips all entrepreneurs should follow for managing the all-important matter of human resources.

Stay True to Your Purpose

One of the biggest mistakes people make when approaching human resources is to chase after talent regardless of purpose or fit. When successful franchises build their teams, they draft and sign free agents as much according to need as talent. That All-Star free agent center might be a great player, but if you already have a big-time center on your team, or play a run-and-gun offense that doesn’t have as much need for a big man, that center might not be a good fit and is thus a waste of salary. Likewise, going rogue and hiring regardless of team fit or company need isn’t the most efficient use of your HR team.

Reinvigorate HR

One of the most significant sticking points for reinvigorating your human resources department is reimagining it in a less drab and dreary way. They aren’t merely people working on computers scouring CVs and looking for some abstract notion of talent. They are people concerned with and possessing expert insight into people. With that in mind, you can inspire them to make their HR search more personalized and personable.

Company DNA

Above all, when recruiting talent for your company with your HR team, you need to think about your company DNA. What talents, virtues, and ideas are most integral to your company’s culture? Do the candidates whom you are considering and targeting possess those same qualities?

Considering those questions can help you find the HR answers to the question of talent acquisition.